64th International Congress of Aviation and Space Medicine

6 - 10 November 2016, New Delhi India Learn and Overcome

ICASM 2016

The venue for ICASM 2016 - New Delhi,India.

It is indeed the third time that the International Academy of Aviation & Space Medicine (IAASM) has entrusted the Indian Society of Aerospace Medicine (ISAM) with the responsibility of organising an ICASM. And it is being hosted at the capital – city of New Delhi.

The Aerospace milieu is unique by its being time critical, where acts of omission and commission have cascading effects, where mistakes are both unforgiving and expensive, and where it especially makes good sense to learn from experiences of others and overcome common problems collectively. In keeping with this thought, the theme of the Congress this year is ‘Learn and Overcome’.

“The capacity to learn is a ‘gift’. The ability to learn is a ‘skill’. The willingness to learn is a ‘choice’. We beckon you to make this conscious choice to converge during the Congress at New Delhi, to participate in the scientific panorama it offers and benefit from the distilled wisdom it shall provide in its orations, the sunlit path it shall show during the Panel Discussions and the options it shall open for delegates participating in podium and poster presentations.

On the sidelines, you are welcome to explore mystic Indias’ history or nature, architecture or metaphysics, one or more of the several options the city of New Delhi and local getaways provide. The organisers shall leave no stone unturned to offer you a taste of ‘Indian hospitality’ and to make your stay a pleasant memory for a long time.

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